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Date: 11 Nov 2021
Time: 3 to 4pm SGT

Speaker: Meeta Doshi, Research Lead, SGAG

The pandemic has caused a rise in the usage of social media platforms. While the rise has created a myriad of opportunities for brands and content publishers alike, it has also driven heightened consumer expectations.

SGAG has worked in collaboration with TrendWatching for this report, where we uncover new preferences, behaviours and upcoming trends and that influencing both Millennials and GenZs today?

How can you successfully position yourself to better target audiences and gain stronger campaign performance? Join SGAG in this webinar where we'll discuss 5 key points to keep in mind when formulating your social media strategy.

What we'll cover:

- The rise in demand for virtual experiences to be presented in relatable contexts

- Behavioural differences between Millennials and GenZs

- The growth of live/social selling and shoppertainment

- How to capture and retain attention using humorous and relatable content

- How to make sponsored campaigns work amongst Millennials and GenZs

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