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About SGAG

SGAG is one of Southeast Asia's fastest-growing digital content producers for Millennials and Gen Z that delivers your daily dose of Singaporean Humour.



We are also a part of HEPMIL Media Group, a network of Southeast Asia's social media channels that serves to better the lives of millions in Southeast Asia through content that engages and entertains.

Hepmil Media Group


HEPMIL Singapore - HEPMIL Singapore is home to one of the fastest growing content and creator businesses locally. We exist to Make Every Singaporean’s Day a Better One through the endless funny memes and videos on SGAG and by empowering the next generation of content creators through branded opportunities through HEPMIL Creator’s Network (HCN).


With over 150 creators on HCN and more than 2 million in weekly reach with SGAG, HEPMIL Singapore is bringing brands closer to Singaporeans through quality content that is entertaining and engaging

SGAG (Singapore)SGAG is Singapore’s first influential comedy platform owned by Hepmil Media group. SGAG first started in 2012 connecting with locals daily by delivering localised humour with iconic memes and videos, reaching millions of Singaporeans daily.

Hepmil Creators Network (Offices in SG, MY, PH)Started in 2020, Hepmil Creators' Network (HCN) offers Southeast Asia's independent comedy content creators, including those on TikTok, with business opportunities. This is all while leveraging the company's expertise in comedy to mentor these talents.


Bent Pixels Asia - Launched in 2021, Bent Pixels Asia is a joint venture between Bent Pixels & Hepmil Media Group to empower creators, digital talent agencies and Esports organizations in Asia to efficiently operate and scale their earnings on YouTube

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