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Cast - Xiaoming | SGAG

The co-founder of SGAG is the OG of lame jokes. From terrorising his colleagues to his wife, there’s no expecting what he’s up to next. When he’s not lifting your spirits, he’s lifting weights! Follow him and get your daily fitspo fix.Oh and he’s got 2 amazing furkids – Dusty & Simba! Categories: Comedy, Fitness, Pets

Cast - Nadia | SGAG

All parts fun and all parts enthusiastic, Nadia is SGAG’s resident host. Her easy-going personality coupled with her competitive streak, Nadia always brings out the fun in the funny. Just make sure you don’t need her to chop onions. Categories: Lifestyle, Fitness, Music

Siraj Aziz

Siraj Aziz is an emcee, comedian writer and rapper and all round entertainer. He writes for SGAG as a day job and by night he's hitting the mics of Singapore's top stand up comedy clubs. A polished performer and all round showman, he brings a touch of class to every event and laughter all around.

Cast - Sya | SGAG

Endlessly optimistic and super down-to-earth, Sya is everyone’s favourite gal pal. Her realest reactions and wide-eyed wonder is bound to put a smile on your face. This bonafide TikTok queen even has 100k followers and counting. Categories: Comedy, Beauty, Lifestyle

Cast - Brightman | SGAG

A man with many talents and voices, Brightman is a great guy with a great personality and even greater hair. Getting his start in 2013 on ‘Vine’, Brightman is a real entertainer at heart. He’s always down to have a good time and dares to put himself out there Categories: Lifestyle, Comedy, Food

Shawn Thia

Shawn Thia is an up-and-coming Singapore-based actor who got his big break in the stage-to-screen remake of Titoudao, the story of a wayang icon of Singapore. He’s also appeared in shows like “Reunion”,”The Algorithm” and Royston Tan’s interactive film, “High”. Passionate about his craft of acting and creating content, the 25-year-old, enjoys entertaining everyone from the big screen to our phone screens. In his free time, Shawn loves scoring goals on FIFA Online and jamming music on live

Cast - Calvin | SGAG

Calvin puts the PUN in punjabi. His infectious laughter and crazy pranks has even got him trending internationally on TikTok. When he isn’t joking around, he’s serious in the gym. That’s the only time things WORKOUT for him. The avid football fan is also a self- proclaimed KEEPER. Categories: Comedy, Fitness, Lifestyle

Cast - Vanessa | SGAG

Vanessa puts the pretty in pretty funny! She’s the girl-next-door who’s packing a whole lot of talent. From dancing to make-up and even making memes, she loves being creative and always puts her best foot forward in everything she does. Categories: Lifestyle, Beauty, Comedy

Cast - Sean | SGAG

Armed with a great smile and many talents, Sean is fun loving guy who enjoys entertaining. From magic tricks to buffets and even burpees, his interests are as wide as his grin. Oh and he’d like you to know he’s even been a pro-wrestler before (yes, the WWE kind). Categories: Comedy, Fitness, Lifestyle


Kenneth is a jack of all trades, master of fun. He acts, he hosts and he interviews, all with his beloved brand of wit and humour. Some say he’s an all-round entertainer, hopefully not literally. When he’s not obsessing over the latest gadgets, it can be said that Kenneth is looking for the next best place to eat!

Cast - Tiara | SGAG

Tiara is an actor, writer, voiceover artist, and musical theatre nerd. When she’s not acting or writing, Tiara is known for spontaneously bursting into song. She secretly dreams of being a Disney princess - in the most progressive pro-feminist way, of course. Categories: Music, Lifestyle, Comedy

Cast - Maddy | SGAG

From the theatre to the digital stage, Maddy absolutely loves acting. First spotted on TikTok as Singapore’s very own angmoh lian, she loves entertaining and bringing laughs to all. A true musical buff, she’s got a playlist of over 500 broadway hits that’s on replay. Categories: Lifestyle, Comedy, Beauty

Cast - Zina | SGAG

Zina might be new to comedy but she’s been actively on the social media scene for a few years now. Always spontaneous and outgoing, she loves challenging herself beyond her comfort zone. She’s even started her own fashion label! Categories: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle