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Engage our talents with larger than life personalities to host live shows or to talk about your brand. 


Other than being the Co- founder of SGAG, Xiao Ming is well-known for his cheeky, lame jokes and trademark signature black shades As an ex-Naval Diver, Xiao Ming (Adrian) enjoys physical activities and challenges. He also loves plants (abit too much), his cats and of course the newest addition to his family - Ploop ploop!


A lady of many talents, Samantha dons on many hats. Not only is she a qualified pre-school teacher, she is also a singer, social content creator, and an actress both on TV and movie screens. More than just a sweet-looking girl next door, Samantha goes the distance to entertain. She hopes to impact and inspire people from all walks of life.

Shawn Thia

Juggling both content creation and full-time acting - Shawn strives to entertain everyone from the phone screens to the silver screens. In his acting career, Shawn has scored major wins: An impressive side role in the television adaptation of TiTouDao; A strong supporting role in Mediacorp TV Drama’s Genie in a Cup; and more recently, a lead role in an on-going primetime Mediacorp series. Shawn has also been nominated as one of the Most Popular Rising Stars in 2023’s Star Awards.


A recent recipient of the 2023 Best Rising Star in Star Awards, Das is a prominent multi-lingual entertainer. He is able to crack jokes, converse, and host in Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil fluently. Since his PM Lee magic cup video blew up in 2020, Das has been involved in many on-screen acting opportunities as well - including local movies (Reunion Dinner), Mediacorp variety shows (Shuayishua) and various Suria and Vasantham shows.


Sya is your favourite hijabi gal and a popular content creator known for her bubbly personality and humorous content!! She enjoys drawing, gaming, and all things nerdy, and is a fan of spicy food. Sya's content includes Singaporean skits, relatable videos, and parody songs that will definitely put a smile on your face on her TikTok and IG!


Do you live in Tampines? Well if you are, Zaki has a video all about you. Known to be Singapore’s number one judge of all things peculiar, Zaki’s TikTok have certainly amassed a cult following. Sometimes he does pick-up lines and he’s in the midst of creating his food review series. Keep your eyes peeled!


In her day-to-day content, Leah loves to share her opinions on fashion and cultural trends. She’s also a huge fashionista, a massive Pop Mart fan, and loves to travel overseas frequently to soak in new experiences and places that she can share with everyone else. With a strong base of female Gen Z followers, Leah wants to truly inspire the next generation, and be that one strong female personality that young girls should, and want to look up to.

Yi Ting

Da gei ho! Better known as the hokkien girl, Yi Ting’s TikTok content gravitate towards the hokkien language - and she is charming, endearing, refined and heartland all rolled into one. Yi Ting aspires to be an inspirational, educational figure to both the young and the old, and desires to bridge generations together through her down-to-earth, yet definitive and truly Singaporen content.


Leon Lee is a host, actor and a lifestyle content creator who loves food, travel, gaming and tech! He has acted in Last Madame and several local television productions (catch him on Netflix!). Known for his versatile and professional hosting, Leon was the anchor host for Lazada Live’s gameshow, ‘Guess It!’ and has hosted for over 100 brands. In his free time, Leon does livestreams on TikTok/Trovo/Twitch and plays as a goalkeeper for his football club, ONERS FC.


Yeoshi started out on TikTok just to have fun and make people laugh and turns out people really did! Other than his sense of humor, he enjoys showing off his pug and third wheeling his best friend and his… girlfriend...


Ryan loves making people smile with music, comedy, and pretty much with anything! He films just about anything and everything with his best friend and girlfriend, capturing all their banter-filled and crazy moments together!


Nadia Ongkowidjaja from SGAG is a dynamic and multi-talented individual whose personal mission is to live life to the fullest, and it shows in everything she does! Not only is she an Assistant Creative Manager leading the Reality Video Team, but she is also a dedicated teacher and is passionate about singing, dancing and adventure. She has conquered a 10-day trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, proving that she’s always up for a challenge!


If you spin, chances are you've run into Sean before. When he's not making memes or annoying Nadia at work, he can usually be found at the spin studio, supporting his football team Arsenal at the bar or grinding it out in Pokemon Unite. As a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, Sean lives for the attention. Whether it be acting on camera, hosting in front of a crowd or even simply chatting with a passerby, you can be sure you're in for a good time.


Get ready for an exciting encounter with Queenie, the sweet and bubbly lady in pink who's known for hitting the streets with SGAG's Quickie with Queenie! With a passion for beauty, fashion, and food, Queenie also loves dancing and keeping up with the latest trends. Her content creation skills and industry knowledge make her a master storyteller, and you're in for an adventure with her!


Amy is a content creator who enjoys acting and speaks fluently in Mandarin – in three different accents! For any references to Chinese media, she will answer you back with another, and loves to keep up with anything culturally Chinese like food and fashion!


Being in the industry for almost a decade since the Vine era Brightman has built a reputation for his comedic skits, iconic characters and skilled play with accents and his vibing videos! Off camera, he is an avid video gamer, pop culture nerd, outdoorsman, thrill seeker and of course an animal lover! Oh and he loves to PARTY. 🤘🏻✨


Part of the Work Mat Not Hard and Matmigos Trio, Faris is a true creator at heart - and he’s always on the lookout for the next best comedy skit moment or trend. Faris loves to create videos that parody pop culture trends and spotlights the silly, yet exceedingly relatable stereotypes. Beyond creating, the film buff enjoys cooking good food and drumming to great music to keep his creative fire alive.

Cast - Calvin | SGAG

Calvin puts the PUN in punjabi. His infectious laughter and crazy pranks has even got him trending internationally on TikTok. When he isn’t joking around, he’s serious in the gym. That’s the only time things WORKOUT for him. The avid football fan is also a self- proclaimed KEEPER. Categories: Comedy, Fitness, Lifestyle


Vanessa puts the pretty in pretty funny! She’s the girl-next-door who’s packing a whole lot of talent. From dancing to make-up and even making memes, she loves being creative and always puts her best foot forward in everything she does. Categories: Lifestyle, Beauty, Comedy


If the Kardashians had a missing child, it would be Darshen because he loves being on camera! He loves showing what’s poppin’ and what everyone would be missing out. He does bilingual comedy content on TikTok, but also has interests in lifestyle, fashion and male beauty.


Using her experience of a local disguised as a foreigner, Nancy makes side-splitting comedy content about her life and ordeals in Singapore. Apart from comedy, Nancy also has an interest in makeup, lifestyle and tech content. She’s actually trained to program professional concert style lighting since the age of 15 years old! I guess you can say she’s got many tricks up her sleeve.


One third of the amusing local content creator trio: Matmigos, Syak enjoys making content to entertain his 20k viewers across TikTok and Instagram. As a qualified graphic designer, his creative skills have materialised in the form of award-winning marketing collaterals. Outside of his creative work he enjoys biking, Japanese pop culture, the great outdoors and making sure his wife is happy.


Apart from being one of SGAG's writers and talents, Tiara is a trained stage and screen actor who has performed in numerous local plays and musicals, as well as the occasional Ch5 show. She enjoys telling stories with strong female characters, and spontaneously bursting into song. She is best known online for her girls’ school content, as well as reimagining Singaporeans in popular shows of the zeitgeist - because why can’t we be on Stranger Things and Bridgerton too, y’know??


While MATMIGOS may be a trio, their mind and goal is one - to provide skit content that is sometimes relatable, sometimes trendy, and always funny. Though they might be seen doing more male-centric content related to football and fitness - their knack is in creating funny moments from all sorts of life-based scenarios, be it during weddings, or when you’re feeling all alone on special days.

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