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​Our creatives work closely with brands and agencies to co-create a wide range of content ranging from memes to video content. Click on the buttons below to checkout each products


Since SGAG was founded, memes have been a mainstay offering well-loved by our fans. 


This is our quick-fire offering for quick consumption across Facebook and Instagram. Suitable for simplified messaging with a CTA.

Talent Engagements

Take your campaigns beyond SGAG and into the social pages of our cast members. 


From fitness to music, tap on the varied interest our cast members have and engage with a wider audience.




The co-founder of SGAG is the OG of lame jokes. From terrorising his colleagues to his wife, there’s no expecting what he’s up to next. 


When he’s not lifting your spirits, he’s lifting weights! Follow him and get your daily fitspo fix.Oh and he’s got 2 amazing furkids – Dusty & Simba!

Categories: Comedy, Fitness, Pets


More than just memes and videos

We Offer A Wide Range Of Content To Suit Your Advertising Needs By Creating More Than Just Memes And Videos… Introducing, Hepmil Creators’ Network

Hepmil Creators' Network

Hepmil Creators’ Network connects you with the best and most popular comedy creators in the SEA region and enables you to reach out to the Millennial and Gen Z audience through their social platforms.

Powered by Hepmil’s servicing expertise and data analytics, we work with our comedy creators to launch entertaining, localised content based on your campaign objectives.

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