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SGANG Community
frequently asked questions

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View some of our FAQs below.

Should you have any queries, kindly get in touch with a member of the team - click here.

What is SGANG?

SGANG is an exclusive community created by SGAG to bring together digital content viewers. This group will be sent research surveys to be done so that SGAG can work towards improving it's content and also

help our clients. Aside from research, SGANG has exclusive access to BTS from shoots, merchandise and other random office updates

Why do you need my personal data (i.e name, email address, age)

We require your name and email address for identification purposes and so that you can log in to the panel, take surveys and earn points. This information is never used in surveys or given to anyone.

We require other demographic details like age, gender, for use in analytical purposes ONLY.

What do you do with my survey responses?

The responses you submit during a survey will be used anonymously for internal or third party analysis of consumer activities and market research.

When an activity is commissioned by a client of SGAG's, survey responses will be provided to them in a format which does not allow them to identify who the response belongs to.

Why did the platform change?

SGANG's older platform was old and slow, so we have upgraded to a NEW and BETTER system, to give YOU a smoother experience.

Who can join?

SGANG is open to ANYONE aged 13 and above, and to those residing in Singapore only. You must have a valid Singapore mobile number in order to join.

IT issues

For any IT issues such as login issues, account issues, points issues, please raise a ticket via zendesk.

PP to include a snapshot of the button that they can press to get to zendesk.

How do I earn points?

There will always be at least 3-4 surveys that are live at any moment of time. Each survey will be worth different number of points.

The more surveys you take, the more points you earn!

What can I redeem?

You can choose from a variety of rewards that are included in the rewards section. The rewards include exclusive SGAG merchandise and Grab Ride / Food vouchers.

What's the redemption process like?

Once you have redeemed a reward, SGAG will be notified on the same and will ship your selected reward out to you, to your home address. Rewards are shipped out every Wednesday.

Can I leave if I'm no longer interested?

Of course, any member of SGANG joins based on their consent and is free to drop out of the community if they wish to do so.

PP to include the steps within the system (i.e go to settings > close account)

However, do note that your points will be returned to zero, should you wish to start again.

How can i join the SGANG community on Telegram?

You can join the community by searching for "SGANG channel" on Telegram and then click on subscribe.

The reward I wanted is no longer there - will it come back?

The rewards section is refreshed on a monthly basis. SGAG's merchandise is kept at a limited number of redemptions per month so that we don't run out of stock for you guys.

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